Outdoor living is no longer limited to nature enthusiasts. By building outdoor structures such as pergolas and pavilions, decks, patios, pools and spas, fire features, kitchens, bars, and more, anyone can extensively enjoy the outdoors. This post is the first in a series of posts we’re calling a “Guide to Luxury Outdoor Living”  and focuses on outdoor kitchen and bar ideas. 

Outdoor kitchens and bars are highly customizable. They can be a standalone feature, or they may be incorporated into existing decks, porches, patios, and enclosed spaces. If you have plans for a porch off of your house, you might raise a pergola to complement a kitchen or bar attachment. You could add a stone paver patio with a connected cooking station and bar seating for hosting for a more personal style. If you already have an area of your backyard where you tend to spend the most time, consider building your outdoor living spaces around it so that you can add amenities in a way that enhances how you currently enjoy it.

Let’s take a look at some different ways you could enjoy your outdoor kitchen and bar.

The Grill Master

The grill master’s arch-enemy is rain. Whether cooking for the family or hosting friends, rain doesn’t have to drown the fun. Build an outdoor kitchen that is covered yet exposed to fresh open air. If your backyard porch is large enough, consider putting your kitchen or bar there to save yard space for other activities. Or, if you have a large yard, you might want to build a pavilion. Even if you don’t put in a full kitchen, include seating to encourage conversations over quarter pounders and pints while you flip burgers.

The Entertainer

For the ultimate entertainer, the outdoor kitchen is a must-have. Integrating your kitchen or bar into an existing or future outdoor structure can amplify the experience and comfort for you and your guests. Add a television, so you don’t miss a play, and maybe even incorporate a refrigerator or kegerator. Closing time is when you say!

The Retreat Seeker

If you prefer your privacy, consider more natural-looking elegant ways of concealing your backyard bar or kitchen. Building against an empty exterior wall, trees, shrubs, or existing outdoor structures are all effective ways of giving yourself some privacy. Want to bring some foreign notes to your backyard? Blend your stone patio and kitchen set with some lattices. You can also build a bar extending from an open corner alongside your backyard patio or porch. If you prefer natural scenery, add some evergreen trees, flowering trees, or shrubs to create an enclosed space around your backyard retreat. Simple, elegant, and natural touches can all help draw attention to the features within your backyard. 

Make It A Reality 

Knowing how to get started can be the hardest part of any project. Take time to plan. A landscape designer or architect can customize a design plan unique to you that takes your lifestyle and personal preferences into account. If you are considering adding a kitchen or bar to your outdoors living space contact Aspen Outdoor Designs to schedule a consultation.