When designing your home’s new outdoor living space, furniture will inevitably be one of your considerations. You will want to factor in how much you need, how often you’ll use it, whether you have a place to store it in the winter, and if you have time to maintain it and protect it from inclement weather. You’ll also want to remember that you’ll need to replace it periodically. With a carefully thought out space design, you’ll also benefit from built-in furniture built to last. This post explores incorporating your living space’s outdoor furniture directly into portions of its design.


Weatherproof outdoor furniture has its place in your outdoor living space. However, even the most durable portable patio furniture will suffer scratches, rips, or fading over time. When it comes to weathering the elements, hardscaping, including natural stone, is some of the most durable outdoor furniture material you’ll find anywhere. Permanent furniture features will be your sturdiest solution, requiring minimal maintenance over their lifetime.


Spaces surrounding a fire pit are popular locations to create built-in, permanent seating. In tandem with the crackling fire nearby, wood and stone seating creates a cozy and close-knit atmosphere that perfectly matches the area’s primary goal and function: bringing your friends and family together.


Patios and wooden decks are other prime candidates for incorporating well-thought-out seating options into your living space’s layout and design. Built-in seating under a structure or in the full sun provides a larger gathering space to socialize, and there are no chairs to put away later. You might even go for a built-in game table and stools for small-scale fun.


Retaining walls can serve as a barrier/space divider but can also be the perfect perch to socialize. Depending on the structure and surroundings, retaining wall seating can bring intimacy to a quiet conversation or allow more people to join the discussion at once.


Fire tables add warmth and elegance to your outdoor dining experience. A durable and long-lasting solution requiring little to no maintenance, a custom-built stone fire table is perfect for al fresco dining nearly any evening.


Having a TV outside adds to the entertainment value of your space but can detract from your aesthetic if not thoughtfully installed in the living area. Incorporate your TV into the décor as you would inside your house, and you’ll have an outdoor living room for entertaining that’s easy to clean up after a party.


The chefs don’t have to miss the party when the outdoor furniture design incorporates a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen near the guest areas. Make your living space’s outdoor bar and kitchen the place where cooking and conversation go hand in hand.

Forethought on the front end of your design process can help you, your landscape designers, and landscape architects formulate a plan for incorporating smart seating solutions and built-in “bonus” furniture into the layout of your new outdoor living space. Reach out to the Aspen Outdoor Designs team today, and let’s approach your project with a fresh perspective.