When you create an outdoor living space, enjoying the outdoors goes to a whole new level. While grass-covered yards adorned with perennial gardens still have their place, homeowners increasingly want to add areas outside of the home to more fully enjoy the great outdoors. In this post, we’ll cover some popular outdoor living space ideas and include images of spaces we’ve created for our clients.


The person cooking is no longer sequestered inside the house when everything needed for a meal is out. The cook(s) can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family while making the food. Outdoor kitchens often include small refrigerators, sinks, and a variety of cooking surfaces.


You’ll never worry about who’s in the seat next to you at the bar when it’s “invitation only.” Bar areas are fun for entertaining, but they also take up less space than tables and chairs. Whether you choose a simple bar with a sink, compact refrigerator/freezer, and bar stools, or you go all out by adding a wine cellar and cocktail station, your bar will be as useful as it is fun. 


Eating outside on a nice day makes any meal special. Whether or not you have an outdoor kitchen, a dining area is essential for entertaining or having a family meal outside. Plan how you will use your dining area and ensure you have enough seating for your guests. You may even consider making multiple areas if you entertain a lot of people.


Whether you are entertaining or seeking entertainment for yourself, an outdoor living room keeps the peace inside and the action out. Comfortable furniture, manufactured or natural shade, some open-air and audiovisual equipment are all you really need for an enjoyable outdoor living room.


Fireplaces and firepits prolong how late you can stay outside enjoying the company of others on cool spring, summer, or fall nights. Depending on its location, your fire feature can blend right into nature or be an extension of your interior. According to your taste and lifestyle, it may be rustic or elegant and have built-in seating made of wood or stone or surrounded by cushy outdoor furniture.


Staycations have become very popular as have pools. With a pool just steps away from your door,  it can quell the urge to vacation in the summer. Pools can be luxuriously relaxing with water features like deck jets, bubblers, and waterfalls. Or they can be fantastic fun with pool slides, diving boards, and basketball hoops. A pool can fit in almost any lifestyle.


Patios and decks are the original outdoor living places, and they are still quite popular today. Decks that overlook other focal points such as a lake, firepit area, or a garden in bloom can be incredibly cozy. And with so many materials to choose from, a patio can be a statement piece all on its own.


Not everyone lives in the woods or by a prairie. Most people live relatively close to others. And trees take years to grow to create privacy. Instead of fencing yourself in, use custom privacy structures to provide a quick and elegant way to block your view of the neighbors (and theirs of you).

While we hope to have sparked some outdoor living space ideas, a landscape design architect can customize a design plan unique to you that takes your property, lifestyle, and preferences into account. If you are ready to get started on a new landscape design, contact Aspen Outdoor Designs to schedule a consultation with us today.