Backyard fire pits are a social staple. Regardless of your preferences, adding a fire pit, fireplace, or other fire feature to your backyard can create an extra level of flair. What is nice about fire features is that they are low effort compared to other processes. You don’t need an outdoor structure or any existing template. A fire feature can be as simple as a standalone pit or as lavish as an outdoor fireplace in your outdoor structure. A fire feature can fit nearly anywhere in your yard and are suited to multiple styles. 

The Home Away From Home

Already have an outdoor structure and want to make it a year-round destination? Add some heat to your backyard with a fire table. Fight back against cold months with a table that brings the campfire to you, all in one centralized location. This strategy also looks more finished than bringing out space heaters for the colder months, providing a fancy flair to your backyard abode. For those interested in simple, cozy ways to revitalize their backyard, a modern firepit can make the difference.  

The Host

Do people tend to come to you for the party? If you are one to host large groups, consider an open-plan, outdoor fire nook. For large groups, choose a cozy part of the yard to add an L bench around your new fire pit. Combining social seating with your fire will help keep you and your friends warm through cool summer nights and chilly fall afternoons. An elegant fire feature can produce enough heat to keep everyone comfortable in less-than-ideal temperatures. By bringing the heat outdoors, you and your entourage can party late into the night with comfort. 

The Traditionalist

For those who prefer a more classic fire pit experience, do not worry! Even a simple stone-finished firepit with round seating can accommodate large groups while creating a refined, cozy vibe. Nothing beats a classic wood-burning fire and that vision doesn’t have to impede your modern backyard. Through the blend of different materials and designs, a simple pit can become something unique and elegant. If you already have a certain style for your yard, that doesn’t mean a firepit is out of the question. Grab a cocktail, kick back, and leave the designing process to the pros. 

The Event Center

If you find yourself in your backyard most of the year, consider bringing the fireplace outside. Covered, uncovered, or somewhere in between, a fireplace can add life to any backyard space. Fireplaces on their own are meant to be admired, helping to also create a social space. If you want to bring a fireplace to your backyard, consider adding a television to mount on the mantle along with plenty of Sunbrella seating. Instead of calling it a night when the temperatures drop, keep the social hour going late into the night around your new exterior fireplace. Roast marshmallows with the family, host a party for your friends, or simply sit back and enjoy the tranquility that comes with a toasty backyard space. 

Make It Real

Fire features are a unique part of any yard. No matter your preference, there is a fire feature for every home. Bringing a fire feature to your backyard helps to extend the time you spend outside. Not only does it help you to stay comfortable outside in the fall or winter, but it can also help give some much-needed personality to your yard. If you don’t spend as much time outside as you would like, consider giving yourself one more reason to make the most of it. If you have questions or are ready to make your vision a reality, reach out to one of our team members at Aspen Outdoor Designs for a consultation.