The original outdoor living space, the backyard patio, brings your family together in a welcoming, cozy setting to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and make priceless memories. Solid slabs of poured concrete have long been a common building material for residential patios. Fast and low-cost installations made utilitarian concrete patios popular among developers. Today’s homeowners, however, are discovering the benefits of pavers vs. concrete patios. This blog post discusses three considerations for choosing a paver patio instead of a concrete patio.


  1. Versatility in visual appearance 

While new stamping treatments and stenciling techniques or embedded stones can add some visually appealing design options for a higher cost, poured concrete patios are relatively standardized with a plain and uninteresting appearance.


Patio pavers come in various shapes, colors, sizes, patterns, and textures. Tumbled, natural stone finished, or smoothed surface pavers come in unique hues to reflect the landscape of your yard. Interlocking concrete pavers can luxuriously complement your home exterior or other outdoor living space features. 


  1. Long-lasting durability with minimal maintenance

Concrete pavers, because of their smaller size and greater density (9,000-12,000 psi) are inherently more durable than poured concrete. While paver patio installation costs are higher, they can survive 30 years or longer with minimal maintenance and significantly outlast their concrete counterparts. Most manufacturers of concrete pavers will guarantee their products to last a lifetime and paver contractors typically guarantee their workmanship for 3-5 years.  


Large concrete slabs are generally vulnerable to shifts in the earth and extreme swings in temperature and humidity. Especially in areas experiencing both sweltering summers and freezing-cold winters, concrete patios are prone to unsightly splits or potentially hazardous cracks. 


Pavers are long-lasting in large part because of their relatively smaller sizes—especially when compared to a single large slab of concrete—allowing them to “flex,” expand, contract, and shift ever so slightly in response to fluctuating humidity levels, freeze-thaw cycles, and movements in the earth.


Necessary maintenance to paver installations will be minimal, and any required repairs on a paver patio are usually easy. With a paver patio made up of many pieces, any damaged or displaced pavers can be removed and replaced without disturbing the rest of the installation. The repaired area will blend perfectly with the rest of the patio!


Small cracks in a concrete slab can become larger over time if not filled.  Typically, the filler does not match the original concrete, thus creating an unsightly and noticeable repair.  If damage to a concrete patio is severe enough, a complete replacement will be much more costly than replacing a handful of paver stones when necessary. 


While both paver patios and poured concrete slabs can aesthetically benefit from occasional sealing, most paver patios can stand the test of time without sealer due to their density.  Poured concrete should be sealed to protect its surface which can create very slippery conditions on certain stamped finishes. 


  1. High resale value and return on investment

Along with elegance and style unattainable with a concrete slab, a paver patio delivers a significant return on investment for your patio project in a higher resale value to your home. 

According to the National Association of REALTORS® and National Association of Landscape Professionals’ 2023 Remodeling Impact Report, homeowners can recover up to 95 percent of a new patio project’s value.


Concrete patios, meanwhile, are common, typically relatively unexciting, and will not impact a home’s value enough to deliver a notable return on investment. A paver patio carries higher installation costs but will be viewed by potential future buyers as a luxury that instantly adds to the resale value of your property. 


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