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Whether you’re looking for a relaxing setting for solitude, or a peaceful place where the family can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a backyard that doubles as a zen garden getaway soothes the soul.

Aspen Outdoor Designs Services and Features for the Zen Masters to Consider:

The zen life includes tranquil landscaping with natural elements such as plants and trees accented by elegant landscape lighting.

The use of natural stone adds organic beauty, sophistication and sense of sanctuary to your backyard design. From walking paths and patios to fire pits, and retaining or freestanding walls, natural stone creates peaceful spaces for zen lovers.

Every good zen garden features water elements. Create the calming, peaceful sounds of a babbling brook or a flowing waterfall fountain with water features. To take your relaxation to the next level, add a meditation area with a pool and spa with spilllover.

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